Giving Back: 2017 Holiday Donation Announcement

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As I introduced via Facebook Live post entitled Giving Back: 2017 Donation Announcement (above) we would like to thank you for your support over this past year and accordingly wish to give back to those players, coaches and facilities in appreciation for their hard work and commitment to their surrounding communities.  We will be doing this by making (3) donations this year to members of the Tanner Tee Community. 

We anticipate a large number of submissions and in order to ensure the donations are received by the most deserving community members/organizations, we are asking you to follow these guidelines to a "T".

Donation Tiers

Tier One: $500 ---> Coach/Individual/Team

Tier Two: $1000  ---> HS/College Program, small organization, etc.

Tier Three: $1500 ---> League or Organization with multiple teams

Submission Guidelines

  1. Watch the Giving Back: 2017 Donation Announcement on our Facebook Page (Click Here).
  2. Like our Facebook Page.
  3. Like the Giving Back: 2017 Donation Announcement video.
  4. Comment on the Giving Back: 2017 Donation Announcement about the person or entity you are nominating for the donation.
  5. Share the Giving Back: 2017 Donation Announcement video.

Additional Rules

  1. Only entries submitted through the form below will be considered.
  2. Entries must be submitted by Wednesday December 27 th.
  3. Each entry must specify which tier donation it is seeking. Each entry can only seek one donation tier.
  4. Only one entry can be submitted by each person, but entries can be collaborative from an entire team, group, family, etc.

Additional Notes

Anyone or any entity connected to the Tanner Tee baseball/softball community is eligible to receive one of the donations. This means you can submit for your team, a private hitting coach, your neighbor, a league, or even yourself. Entries are scored by meeting the criteria listed above, in addition to the writing portion found in the form.

After that, selections will be assessed based on the content of the written portion. Please treat the written portion like you would a professional document, college admissions essay or important book report at school. The age of the writers will of course be considered, so feel free to involve the whole family or team, even if that means the tee ball team signs their names and a parent or coach supplements with the story line.

Submission Form