New Product Spotlight: TANNER PRO

Introducing the Tanner Pro -New Release 2018

The TANNER PRO is the newest addition from Tanner Tees and represents the next evolution in the Tanner line of batting tees. Featuring a weighted metal base, skid resistant tread, and a beautiful finish, the TANNER PRO was designed to be the perfect balance of our two most popular hitting tees.

During use, the TANNER PRO will perform with the stability of the TANNER HEAVY, and with a slim form factor, it fits easily into any equipment bag, making it portable like TANNER TEE the ORIGINAL.

Tread on the bottom of the base aids in reducing skid on smooth surfaces and grips into turf hitting mats too.

The TANNER PRO, like all Tanner Tees, comes equipped with a hand-rolled, tightly wound FlexTop ball rest, which allows baseballs and softballs to securely rest high on the tee.

All Tanner Tees are designed to be used as a baseball and softball batting tee, and every Tanner Tee guarantees to provide excellent feedback during your session.  Check the video above and browse the  TANNER PRO product page for more details.