Small Baseballs / Mini Baseballs - 1 Dozen

Small Baseballs / Mini Baseballs - 1 Dozen

Train small and get BIG gains!


The reduced surface area of the small baseball forces baseball and softball hitters to be more precise in their swing to to make contact. The added difficulty from the small size makes them an excellent additon to regular hitting or fielding practice to develop better hand eye coordination. 


Our mini baseballs / small baseballs fit on our tightly wound Tanner tee cones too, making them versatile enough for tee work with your batting tee. Give them a try!  


12 (EA) small 7.2 inch cork center, genuine leather baseballs intended for advanced hitting and fielding practice.

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Small Baseballs / Mini Baseballs - 1 Dozen


Why You Need Small Baseballs

Maximize your hitting training by adding small baseballs (mini baseballs) to your baseball and softball training routine to increase your batting average and have more confidence at the plate.

The benefit of small ball training for hitting and fielding is simple, by training with a smaller target, you develop better hand eye coordination which translates to increased precision.

And when you go back to training with a full size baseball or softball, they will seem HUGE and “easier” to hit.

Drills for Fielding Training with Small Baseballs

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