Hitting Deck Instructional Coaching Tool and Hitting Aid

Hitting Deck Instructional Coaching Tool and Hitting Aid

The durable Tanner Hitting Deck batting trainer mat shows a complete right and left side hitting zone with multiple tee placement locations that can also serve as contact points for flips, front toss, and BP. Using the Stride Guide, hitters always line up consistently and make contact in the correct position to drive the baseball or softball to the correct part of the field. (Size 29" x 60")


Rolls up for easy storage when not in use.   


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Hitting Deck Instructional Coaching Tool and Hitting Aid


Instructional Hitting Mat

The Hitting Deck is an essential coaching and learning aid that shows hitters the proper foot and batting tee placement to maximize tee work practice, work on fundamentals, and build more power and skill at bat. Ideal for beginners and youth athletes whether training alone at home or working with a coach. Rolls up for easy storage when not in use.

Hitting Deck Helps Coaches Teach and Hitters Learn

  • Built in Stride Guide shows hitters where to place their feet relative to the plate.
  • Visual home plate makes it easy to correctly move the batting tee to practice hitting all points of contact.
  • Hit at home and have confidence you are hitting the right contact point.
  • Use in coaching sessions to help athletes better visualize.
  • Hitting Deck works for baseball and softball.
  • Use for Right and Left Handed Hitters
  • Hitting Deck


    • Dimensions: 60 x 29 x 0.25 inches
    • Weight: 8 lbs.
    • Durable neoprene non slip backing stays in place during practice
    • Colorful printed image with stride guide

    Tannet Tees with Softball and Baseball

    Our Patented Flextop

    Every Tanner Heavy Flextop is hand rolled in the USA. Our Flextop sets Tanner Tees apart from any other training tool. The rubber we shape each Flextop from combines with a specific assembly process that provides a longer lasting top than other tees. Flexible yet strong rubber allows the bat to pass through the contact point with the least interference (and without harming your bat) providing instant feedback with every hit. With the baseball or softball resting high on the Flextop, hitters will focus on contacting the correct part of the ball to produce line drives, while never feeling the tee. We've been hand rolling the Flextop with our signature flap for over 25 years. Founder Joe Tanner invented the rolled rubber top in his garage, and we're still a family owned operation. From your first repetition off of a Tanner Tee, you’ll realize the training benefit and durability our Flextop offers.

    Tanner Tees Logo

    The History of Tanner Tees

    In the early 1990s Joe Tanner invented a hand rolled, flexible rubber tee top and an adjustable metal stem. He was coaching a professional organization by day and built tees in his garage at night. Over time, Joe's batting tee evolved into a small business which became Tanner Tees. Today, the company is still family owned and operated. Each pro style Tanner Tee (Original, Pro, & Heavy) is assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts, and every Flextop is hand rolled by our skilled team in Sarasota, FL.

    Tannet Tees with Softball and Baseball

    Why it's a Great Tee

    A batting tee is the most valuable training aid for a hitter’s development. Solid construction, easy adjustments and a patented Flextop make Tanner Tees the preferred choice for professional organizations, hitting facilities, collegiate programs, high school teams, recreational leagues, and the home hitter. It’s a versatile tee that will work for you.

    For 25 years, we've been family owned and operated. We stand behind every tee we build with in-depth product knowledge and understanding of our customer needs.

    Tanner University

    Tanner Customer Guarantee


    For 25 years and counting, Joe H. Tanner Baseball Products, LLC has manufactured professional batting tees which are used by every level of baseball and softball, from little league to the big leagues. We believe in our products and have a broad warranty policy in place to meet the standards of various customer segments - from individuals to leagues, to college and high school teams, and everyone in between.

    Each Tanner Tee comes with a one year manufacturer warranty. The manufacturer warranty covers defective parts and material. It does not cover negligence, dents on metal sections caused by bats, or acceptable wear and tear consistent with a training aid product that we hope is used often.

    The Tanner Customer Guarantee encourages any customer at any time to contact us with any issue regarding their Tanner Tee. We answer all inbound communication - whether it's through email, by phone or on social sites, and we guarantee to make right any customer service issues appropriately. It happens so little of the time, we have huge flexibility and guarantee to provide service consistent to the quality of our products.

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