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General Care Tips for Your Tanner Tee

While Tanner Tees are excellent for indoor and outdoor use, please do not leave your tee outside permanently. Instead, store your tee in a dry area - free from moisture.

If your tee does happen to get wet, dry its metal surfaces after use with a towel. And of course, if you need any assistance at all with your tee, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Tighten your FlexTop is Easy Maintenance

The patented Tanner Tee allows users to set the level of adjustment friction on the uppermost section of the tee - the FlexTop - to their preferred tightness. During assembly, we set each FlexTop to what we think is the most comfortable and functional level of tightness for hitters, but it's easy to adjust by user preference. And if your tee ever needs a tune up, one quarter turn and a thirty second effort is all it takes.  

Installation Guides

FlexTop Replacement Guide

Tanner Net Assembly (pdf)PDF

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Product Video - The Hitting Deck Explained

Detailed explanation on how to use the Hitting Deck to conduct tee training with purpose. Stay consistent to the stride guide and work the correct swing path with the Tanner Tee Hitting Deck.

Product Video - FlexTop Replacement Video

FlexTop Replacement Guide

This video shows you step-by-step, how to replace a Tanner FlexTop. All you'll need is a Phillips screwdriver, a Tanner FlexTop replacement, a clean cloth and a double-sided adhesive strip which is included with the purchase of a new FlexTop.

For over twenty years, the Tanner Tee has been the baseball and softball industry standard for batting tee tops, composed of the best combination of flexible and tough rubber.  Each top is hand rolled with the signature Tanner flap.

Repairs and Refurbish 

After submitting the Repair Request Form found below, we will contact you with an estimated cost to refurbish your tees. Please submit photos of your tees with your form, so we can suggest which tee(s) should be sent in to refurbish. Tanner Tees built before 2009 cannot be refurbished any longer. In most cases we do not need the bases. Please include your contact information in the box.

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Tanner Tees products are backed by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty. To start a warranty claim, click here.