Training Bats

Training Bats for Baseball and Softball

Baseball training bats and specialty training bats can take your batting practice to the next level. Tanner Tees has pulled together our recommendations for the best training bats and newest hitting tools to help you hone your skills and amp up your hitting game.

From swing trainers and bats designed to correct swing sequence, to weighted bats and bat weights to build strength and speed, Tanner has you covered for baseball training bats, softball training equipment, and more for every age and skill level. 

Check out some of the best training tools in the game!

  • Provelocity bat in baseball players hands


    ProVelocity Training Bat

    The ProVelocity Bat is a baseball/softball training bat that lets hitters work on two hitting fundamentals at the same time - swing path and bat speed.     Hitters get instant swing feedback from audible clicks to know when their mechanics are...

    MSRP: $445.00 - $545.00
    $395.00 - $495.00
  • Sequence Training Bat

    Sequence Training Bat

    The Sequence Bat is a baseball/softball training bat that takes the guess work out of getting hitters into a strong palm up/palm down position while making rolling over impossible. The patented "second" bat handle of the Sequence Bat complements the...

  • The hitting knob bat weight trainer

    Hitting Knob Bat Weight

    Build Power, Strength and Swing Speed  Use the Hitting Knob bat weight in every aspect of offensive training including the on deck circle, tee work, soft toss, cage work, slow pitch and fast pitch.   Available in a variety of weights, the...

  • CamWood Bat Hands and Speed Training Bat from Tanner


    CamWood Hands & Speed Training Bat

    Increase bat speed and power  The CamWood Hands and Speed training bat is a weighted ash bat designed to help baseball and softball players increase their swing speed and power, without sacrificing proper swing mechanics. Regular use during tee...

  • CamWood One Hand Training Bat Tanner


    CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat

    Increase swing speed and power The uniquely designed one hand weighted training bat from CamWood can be used for a variety of drills to develop strength and power in both arms while also reinforcing the inside bath path and good swing mechanics. While...

  • Insider Bat

    Insider Bat Training Bat

    The Insider Bat is an innovative hitting aid that trains hitters to keep the hands inside the baseball, reduce roll over, and encourage a palm up / palm down swing for better swing mechanics.   The angled design of the Insider Bat shaft does not...

  • Sabre Bat - Hitting Stance 1

    Sabre Training Bat

    The Sabre training bat feels like a game bat and can give hitters confidence that their training will transfer to game day results.   The Sabre bat is a wooden bat with a reduced size, modified barrell designed to help train the hitter's body, hands...


How Can a Training Bat Improve Your Swing?

Adding variety at every baseball or softball hitting practice not only makes training more interesting, but it can also help a hitter focus on the individual elements of their swing, break out of a hitting slump or work on increasing speed and power with every hit. The Tanner Tees team has assembled our favorite training bats for hitters and coaches to build power and create challenging hitting drills during batting practice

Build Power and Speed with Bat Weights and Weighted Bats

Every coach knows that adding constraints during hitting practice will help the hitter develop skills and power. A bat weight is a time-tested way for players to increase strength and then translate that to a more powerful swing. Tanner offers three innovative alternatives to the old school donut weight, which some say can interfere with a hitter’s swing. The versatile Hitting Knob Bat Weight clicks on and off the knob of most bats allowing the hitter to do bat weight training with their favorite game bat or training bat. The CamWood bats have a unique built-in weighted knob just above the hands which helps minimize the casting effect and other common mechanics issues, while building strength and speed. The CamWood Hands and Speed Trainer and the CamWood One Hand Trainer do double duty as weighted bats that also reinforce the perfect baseball or softball swing.

Training Bats for Proper Swing Mechanics

Using a training bat can help a hitter and coach work on the fundamentals of good swing mechanics by emphasizing specific elements. Bats like the ProVelocity Bat, Sequence Trainer Bat and the Insider Bat all focus on the swing path and provide visual or audible feedback to the hitter so they immediately know when their swing is right, and when it’s not. Other specialty training bats such as the Sabre bat, which develops hand eye coordination with a reduced hitting surface, and the LineDrivePro which is a training aid that fits onto a bat to focus the hitter on swing path and launching the ball, can be beneficial to hitting drills from youth ball through to professionals.

Don’t Forget the Training Balls!

Adding different types of balls into your hitting training is a great way to elevate your hitter’s batting practice. Tanner offers a variety of high-quality training balls for use in hitting practice including small baseballs, heavy weighted rubber training balls, soft rubber training balls and even a variety pack with 3 each of the 4 four most popular Tanner balls.

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