The best baseball and softball training bats and swing trainers hand-picked by Tanner staff. 

Sabre Bat - Hitting Stance 1
Wooden training bat with a reduced size rounded hitting surface that helps hitters feel the barrel turn and forces them to square up at contact. Use SABRE for tee work, front toss, flips and full batting practice for both baseball and softball...
LineDrivePro Swing Trainer - Detail View (Bat Mounted)
LineDrivePro Swing Trainer
Bat path hitting aid trains the hitter to swing through the zone properly to launch a practice ball. When line drives are launched straight at the center of a target with an upward trajectory, the hitter knows the launch angle is correct, and the barrel...
Insider Bat
Hitting aid that keeps the hands inside the baseball, reduces roll over, and encourages a palm up / palm down swing. Use with soft rubber baseballs, foam or wiffle balls.
Sequence Training Bat
Sequence Training Bat
The Sequence Bat is a baseball/softball bat trainer that takes the guess work out of getting hitters into a strong palm up/palm down position while making rolling over impossible. Its patented "second" bat handle compliments the knob handle and creates a...
The ProVelocity Bat is a versatile hitting tool that gives hitters the opportunity to work on two hitting fundamentals - swing path and bat speed – at the same time. Hitters can take batting practice, dry swings or do tee work with the ProVelocity...