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A durable batting tee is the most effective hitting tool you will own. Shop our selection of premium batting tees, hitting tools and training equipment, hand-picked by our team.

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Hand-picked softball and baseball hitting equipment perfect for batting tee work.

The Story of Joe Tanner: From Pro Hitting Coach To Batting Tee Inventor

Our company story began in founder Joe Tanner's garage in the early 1990's. As a professional coach, Joe taught baseball during the day and developed a durable batting tee with a rolled rubber tee top at night.

Read the Story of Joe Tanner

Tanner Tees: The Best Adjustable Batting Tees and Hitting Training Gear for Baseball and Softball

Whether you play baseball or softball, a batting tee is an essential training tool for every hitter who wants to improve their swing AND every coach who wants to teach.

For nearly 30 years Tanner has been producing the very best softball batting tees, best baseball hitting tees and even premium teeball batting stands for coaches and hitters from beginners through to professional athletes.

Why is a Tanner Tee the Best Batting Tee You Will Own?

A durable, heavy duty softball tee or baseball tee is the best piece of training equipment you can own, as cheap batting tees made of plastic or inferior materials simply can’t hold up to the rigors of daily hitting drills.

Whether your hitter is a tee ball beginner, Little League player, youth fastpitch softball hitter, high school or college athlete or a professional, investing in a high quality, durable Tanner batting tee saves time, saves money, and provides immediate swing feedback critical for the modern game.

The patented, hand-rolled rubber Flextop on the Tanner Original tee, the Tanner Pro, Tanner Infinitee and the Tanner Heavy batters tees presents the baseball (or softball) high on the tee, which is essential for ball placement to ensure the hitter feels the swing, and not the baseball tee.

This ensures your bat passes through contact without any interference from the batting tee. It also gives true feedback which makes it an essential tool for the modern data-driven hitter.

Every Tanner hitting tee is easily adjustable and we offer three batting tee stem sizes (youth, adult and low ball) to cover the entire strike zone.

Tanner batting tees are the first choice for professionals and athletes at every level of play. Every Tanner softball and basball hitting tee is assembled in Sarasota, FL and features premium quality metal construction and superior materials that is built to last.

Wide Selection of Hitting Equipment and Tanner Products – Orders Over $30 Ship Fast and Free

Our mission is to support every baseball and softball journey which is why we offer hitters a variety of hand picked Tanner products and products from partners, to develop their skills and trainer smarter.

In addition to the best hitting tees, we have put together our favorite hitting training tools including specialty training bats, bat weights, baseball training balls, softball training balls, tee ball balls, practice hitting nets and more.

Most orders over $30 ship free the next business day!

Best Batting Tees for Baseball and Softball Hitters

The premium adjutable height Tanner Tees work equally well as a baseball tee or softball tee. The flexible ball rest can easily support softballs, baseballs, heavy balls, safety tee balls, mini baseballs and more and ensures you feel the ball, not the cone, swing after swing.

A quality baseball tee is an essential piece of quipment for tee work. The baseball tee maintains consistent ball placement, allowing the hitter to adjust his or her swing to address mechanics issue, build power and more. Whether you're a coach who needs a durable hitters tee that can handle regular heavy use or an athlete who wants a baseball tee for home practice session to stay sharp, Tanner batter tee is the best choice for equipment that delivers.

What Is A Batting Tee / Baseball Tee?

What is a batting tee? A hitting tee holds a baseball or softball in position, allowing the hitter to practice and improve their swing.

A batting tee height should be adjustable to allow the hitter to train to hit high and low balls and have a base that provides stability during practice. Some baseball and softball players prefer a lighter weight batting tee for to be more portable, while others prefer a heavy weight batters tee.

Baseball and softball athletes at all levels of play - from beginners to professionals - know that tee work with a batting tee is an essential part of training.

Official Tanner Tees Replacement Parts

Every piece of Tanner Tees basball equipment is built to last, but time and regular use can still take their toll. (Not to mention the occasional lost piece or accidental damage.)

Rest assured you can replace worn or damaged components with official Tanner Tees replacement parts, without having to replace the entire Tanner batting tee. Choose a new Flextop, stem or base to keep your swing in peak performance.

Every Tanner Tee is a Baseball Tee AND a Softball Tee

Softball hitters have asked if Tanner Tees are designed to work with softballs. The answer is YES! If you're looking for a softball tee, choose a Tanner. The flexible, yet sturdy rubber ball rest easily supports softballs and holds up to the rigors of regular practice for individuals and teams. Softball hitting tees are an essential piece of training equipment for fastpitch and slowpitch softball. A softball training tee helps hitters finetune their swing, while building strength and precision.

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