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Premium Baseballs, Better Results

With 25 years as a family business in the baseball equipment industry we've learned a few things about hitters. We know you want a premium baseball for batting practice. We know you need a durable baseball to maximize the high school budget. And we know you hear the difference between a premium practice baseball and an economy one when you make solid contact.

You may not square up every pitch. But for the one's you do, you'll benefit from the best practice baseballs in the game. Try a box of our premium practice baseballs, you won't regret making the switch!

Tanner Practice Baseball

Competitive hitters want a high quality baseball for training – we believe that's a cushioned cork center baseball protected by a layer of wool, and real leather stitched together with low seams.

The Tanner Baseball shares those attributes. Its tightly wound, slightly raised seams reduce drag and provide maximum flight distance at contact. The dual-wrapped cork center incorporates two layers of rubber and ensures Tanner cork center baseballs maintain shape throughout daily batting practice. You'll feel the quality with every swing. No eggs in our cages!

Join Our Team

Across every level of the game, players and programs have benefited from a 12-pack of baseballs — or more — from Tanner. Our customers include:

  • Batting cage facilities
  • Recreation programs
  • Youth leagues
  • College and high school programs
  • Players
  • Parents
  • Coaches
  • Baseball academies
  • Hitting instructors

Whether you're buying a tee, a net or a pack of baseballs, you'll get products that will perform swing after swing, practice after practice.

Our practice baseballs will outlast and outperform alternatives. 

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