Hitting Tools

Take control of your practice with tools designed to challenge hitters.

Hitting Tools

Training Tools

Hone your skills by adding a variety of hitting tools to help refine your swing, build power and increase accuracy.  Choose from a selection of hand picked hitting tools that include training bats, training balls, practice baseballs and softballs, coaching aids and much more. 


You have a hitting plan. We have the baseball training aids to help you execute. Any baseball hitting drill can be done with a batting tee, bucket of balls and a hitting net.

From practice nets to the Hitting Deck, Tanner Tees offers the finest training equipment in the industry. Our top priority is to help you become a better player. Our entire company is based on helping the next generation of players achieve their performance goals.

We also have a baseball and softball drills hitting book that offers tee hitting drills for beginners and advance hitters alike. Find Pro Baseball Insider’s Baseball Hitting Drills for a Batting Tee in our catalog of the best baseball hitting aids. It features more than 60 pages of drills and techniques, accompanied by access to an online video series. Coupled with a Tanner Hitting Deck to help you more easily work every location of the strike zone, PBI’s hitting drills book will transform your tee time.

More Hitting Aids for Softball and Baseball

Our patented Hitting Deck is a simple, yet essential component in refining your baseball tee hitting drills. A 60-inch rubber mat, it’s a visual aid to keep your drills on track and ensure you’re hitting the baseball or softball at the correct contact point to the right place on the field. The Hitting Deck includes:

  • A stride guide to encourage consistent foot placement
  • Tee placement markers across the contact zone for both right-handed and left-handed hitters
  • Illustrated hitting zones showing where to drive the ball based on pitch location 

PBI’s book of baseball tee drills is available in two formats — paperback or as a download. Written by former Major League infielder Doug Bernier, it teaches the why of its drills as well as the how. Its features include:

  • Drills and techniques
  • Full-color photos and diagrams
  • The Personal Drill Helper to diagnose and fix swing problems
  • Drills for beginners, intermediate and advanced players

The Tanner Community

Who might benefit from owning a selection from the Tanner Tees lineup?

  • Softball players
  • Baseball players
  • Weekend warriors
  • Coaches
  • Parents
  • College and high school programs
  • Batting cage facilities and hitting academies
  • Travel teams
  • Youth leagues

Trust Tanner

Our mission is to support your baseball/softball journey - as a coach, player, parent or even enthusiast. Whether you’re looking for an industry-leading batting tee or another baseball equipment item, start your search with Tanner today.

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