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    • Identifies a complete Contact Zone with multiple Points of Contact for the most focused tee training
    • Stay true to your batting stance by lining up with the Stride Guide - don't change the feet, work the swing
    • One product for both left and right side hitters
    • Numerous drills can be performed with the Hitting Deck, this is a product that adds to your training whether a coach or an individual 


    The Hitting Deck is a contact zone training tool that teaches a hitter how to conduct comprehensive tee work. With emphasis on the contact zone and grooving his or her swing towards making contact in the correct place to drive the ball where it should be driven. The Hitting Deck functions in tee work by placing the tee on a suggested point of contact. Then line up in your stance with the Stride Guide and hit the ball where it should be hit. Every repetition is consistent in footwork and tee placement, so hitters will focus and develop faster in their swing thus producing lasting results because of better training. This is a training aid that compliments tee work at home, with a private coach, or during a travel team practice. Coaches teach these concepts already, but with Hitting Deck, there is a visual aid to connect directly with the hitters. 

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    1. Great Hitting tool for indoor use

      The hitting matt is a great tool for indoor use only. Do not take it to the field. It will get dirty beyond belief. It would great if we had an outdoor version as well. Perfect for all experience levels. on 8th Jun 2018

    2. Great for hitting lessons

      I hit with multiple hitters every week.
      It makes it easy to explain wear to stand and wear to stride to.
      on 31st May 2017

    3. Not what I expected

      Was surprised that it wasn't dirt ready would have liked something I could take to ball feild for practice and had writen instruction instead of having to go to web page again but I will work with what it is on 1st Sep 2016

    4. Learning.

      My son is still young, but he is learning very quick to keep his stride, balance and focus on different hitting for contact. on 1st Apr 2016

    5. Great Visual Aid For The Little Sluggers

      Great product for explaining to my 6 year old why it's important to hit the ball where it's pitched in order to keep the barrel on the ball. I remember explaining this to my older son a few years ago by placing actual baseballs around home plate, but the visual aid and colored diagrams of the "Hitting Deck" made explaining the same lesson to my 6 year old much easier. Most importantly, I feel very confident that when we were done talking about it that my 6 year old understood what we were talking about. on 22nd May 2015

    6. Makes your tee work more productive

      Let's you know where to place tee for hitting different pitch locations. Also gives you a reference point for where to set up and stride to. on 2nd Jan 2015

    7. Every Batting Practice Needs to Include The Hitting Deck

      My son is a senior at St. Catharine College, and loves the Hitting Deck. He wishes he would have had one in high school. He now has a greater sense of where the hit ball should go when he moves the Tanner Tee around n the Hitting Deck. Great Product! on 9th Aug 2014

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