NEW - Tanner Resistance Bands for Baseball & Softball

NEW - Tanner Resistance Bands for Baseball & Softball

Tanner Tees brand premium resistance training band for baseball or softball athletes with hook and loop wrist strap and carabiner-style anchor clip, and a hook-and-loop anchor strap. The hook-and-loop D-ring anchor strap allows you to anchor the band if your desired anchor point is not compatible with a carabiner clip.


Choose from Light (10 Lb-green), Medium (20 Lb blue) or Heavy (30 Lb black) resistance weight. Ideal for arm care conditioning and rehab programs, as well as hitting strength conditioning exercises.  



  • 1 resistance band with carabiner style anchor and 2 hook-and-loop adjustable wrist bands
  • 1 Hook and Loop Anchor Strap
  • 1 mesh storage bag
  • 1 e-book download with safety guide and arm care strengthening exercises 


BUNDLE and SAVE $18!

Bundle includes 1 each: 10 lb. band (green), 20 lb. band (blue), 30 lb. band (black) and 3 anchor straps. 

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NEW - Tanner Resistance Bands for Baseball & Softball

$35.00 - $99.00

NEW - Tanner Resistance Bands for Baseball & Softball

$35.00 - $99.00

Tanner Baseball Bands / Throwing Bands / Softball Bands

While they can go by many names, resistance band training is a popular component of strength conditioning and arm care for baseball and softball.

The repetitive muscle movement associated with throwing can lead to injuries or muscle imbalance over time. Targeted strength training programs that include resistance band training can help athletes prevent or recover from these types of overuse injuries.

The Tanner Strength, Maintenance and Preventive Armcare e-book is included with your purchase, and includes instructions for 27 Arm Care exercises using resistance bands. Always consult with a trained health care professional prior to beginning any strength training or exercise routine.

Safety Note: When anchoring the resistance band, ensure the anchor point is secure and stable and not at risk of coming loose under tension. Never anchor resistance bands at head, neck or eye level as serious injury could occur if the band comes loose. 

Animated Guide to Armcare Exercises

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