NEW - Tanner White Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs

NEW - Tanner White Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs

Enhance your training with Tanner white dimpled pitching machine baseballs. Designed for durability and superior performance, these polyurethane baseballs ensure accurate, consistent flight without damaging bats. They replicate the feel of real game balls, helping players sharpen their skills, with less wear and tear than regular practice baseballs in pitching machines. 


They withstand extensive use and won't absorb water, making them ideal even in wet field conditions.


Great choice for fielding drills with the machine since they don't hold water and grip the machine even when wet. 


Weight: 5 ounces

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NEW - Tanner White Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs


NEW - Tanner White Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs


Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseballs

  • Indoor and Outdoor Use
  • White Dimpled Pitching Machine Baseball
  • 9" Diameter
  • Up to 100 MPH
  • Use with Most Pitching Machines
  • Feels Like Regular Baseball on Impact
  • Not Recommended with Game Bat at High Speeds

Durable Pitching Machine Balls for Consistent Training

Using the pitching machine in training helps hitters get more swings at velocity (and saves the wear and tear on coach's arm and shoulder over time.) Tanner dimpled pitching machine baseballs replicate the feel of real game balls but are designed to stand up to regular use for teams and facilities. Unlike a regular baseball where the seams, laces and leather will get worn in the pitching machine, these balls are designed for heavy use in a pitching machine.

Can You Use Pitching Machine Balls as Practice Balls?

Yes! Tanner Pitching Machine Baseballs don't absorb water so they are perfect to use for outdoor training with or without a pitching machine, even if the field is wet. Don't worry about using waterlogged baseballs - these pitching machine balls will stay dry and perform over time.

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