Below we have two Basic Tee Routines your hitters can follow every time they conduct tee work – hopefully often. Tanner Tee should be moved to the inside and outside of the training zone, so hitters are prepared to attack pitches on all parts of plate and learn to hit the baseball or softball to the correct part of the field.

First watch this short video for how to use your Hitting Deck effectively.

Drill 1: Basic Tee Work, repeat often. Focus on line drives.

Drill 2: Basic Tee Work, Varying Tee Height

Below is a short clip of Tony Gwynn sharing some training techniques. It provides an excellent example of how our batting tee can be utilized by players at all levels for attacking hard to hit pitches and hitting the ball to specific spots on the field. In the photo, Tony uses a five pound weight to stabilize the tee. The weight can be slid over top of the tee and rests on the metal connecting flange.