Tanner Jr. Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee T Ball Stand

Tanner Jr. Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee T Ball Stand

NEW 2022 The Tanner Jr. is a durable and affordable youth batting tee ball tee or t ball stand for the beginner baseball or softball player through their tee ball years. It's the perfect t ball stand at the field and for backyard family time for beginners.


The Jr. t ball tee is adjustable from 18-25 inches to grow with your beginner and features a rugged metal stem overmolded with soft rubber and sturdy flexible rubber base that provides stability, and the tee ball tee can rest on top of home plate for t ball game play or on grass for backyard play. The ball rest is a flexible cone that encourages hitters to swing hard through contact 


Low quality or plastic practice tees simply don't hold up to a beginner's energy and enthusiasm (or missed hits), leaving families spending more over time as they throw away and replace broken cheap batting tees. 


Tanner Jr. tball hitting tee solves that problem.



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Tanner Jr. Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee T Ball Stand


The Best Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee You Can Find

The Tanner Jr. hitting tee is designed to give young hitters the best, most durable batting tee to learn with, at an affordable price.

Unlike some beginner tees made of plastic or low-quality materials, the Tanner Jr. is constructed of durable metal and rubber parts to hold up to missed swings and heavy use. It’s a sustainable choice that will last.

A quality beginner tee is critical for developing essential swing mechanics for Tee Ball practice – and is also perfect for having fun with family and friends in the backyard.

The height of this durable swing trainer can be adjusted to practice hitting pitches in the child’s strike zone.

For nearly 30 years Tanner has been synonymous with bringing the very best training equipment to players and coaches. We’re proud to bring that same standard to this new youth tee, to support the youngest hitters as they begin their baseball or softball journey.

User Review from Tyler H.

"It is a great product. My wife and I played college baseball/softball and we used Tanner Tees during training so we knew better to get a Tanner tee than any others.

Great tee for younger players. Very durable, easy to assemble/take apart, and gives good feedback for good contact. If the bat hits more of the tee, the ball won’t go anywhere. Forces the player to focus on good contact with the ball."

Durable Equipment that Grows with Your Family

Tanner is with you at every step of your family’s baseball and softball journey. As players grow in size and skill, step up to the Tanner Original, Tanner Traditional Home Plate, Tanner Heavy, or Tanner Pro – all available in youth or adult size.

Designed and assembled by the same Tanner team that delivers durable, high-performance training products to all levels of gameplay, including major league players.

Tanner Jr. Youth Tee Ball Batting Tee

Details & Specifications

    • Designed for youth ages 3 through the end of their tee ball years
    • Durable steel stem and flexible rubber base
    • Adjustable height from 18” – 25” to practice hitting pitches in the child’s individual strike zone as they grow
    • Rubber tread and heavy base to stay in place (even for missed hits)
    • Stem unscrews from the base for portability and easy storage
    • Lightweight at just 5.8 lbs.
    • 1-Year manufacturers warranty
    • easy height adjustments

      easy height adjustments

      Patented friction technology provides smooth, simple adjustments to cover various training heights.

    • clear ball presentation and visibility

      clear ball presentation and visibility

      Baseball/Softball rests high on the ball cone so hitters contact the correct portion of the ball to produce line drives, without ever feeling the tee.

    • batting tees for baseball and softball

      batting tees for baseball and softball

      Every Tanner Tee is both a baseball and softball batting tee.

Connection between Sports and Child Development

Baseball and softball can be an essential part of mental and physical development for children. Through practice and game play children develop skills including teamwork, self-esteem, motor and planning skill development, focus and patience, as well as healthy physical habits. In addition, sports are a great way for families to spend quality time together through practice and play, as well as discussing their shared interest of baseball and softball.

Tanner Tees Logo

The History of Tanner Tees

In the early 1990s Joe Tanner invented a hand rolled, flexible rubber tee top and an adjustable metal stem. He was coaching a professional organization by day and built tees in his garage at night. Over time, Joe's batting tee evolved into a small business which became Tanner Tees. Today, the company is still family owned and operated. Each pro style Tanner Tee (Original, Pro, Heavy & Infinitee) is assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts, and every Flextop is hand rolled by our skilled team in Sarasota, FL.

Tannet Tees with Softball and Baseball

Why it's a Great Tee

A batting tee is the most valuable training aid for a hitter’s development. Solid construction and easy adjustments make Tanner Tees the preferred choice for professional organizations, hitting facilities, collegiate programs, high school teams, recreational leagues, and the home hitter. It’s a versatile tee that will work for you.

For more than 25 years, we've been family owned and operated. We stand behind every tee we build with in-depth product knowledge and understanding of our customer needs.

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