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A durable batting tee is the most effective hitting tool you will own. Shop our selection of premium batting tees or find the best in hitting tools, hand-picked by our team!

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From Pro Hitting Coach, To Batting Tee Inventor, The Story of Joe Tanner

Our company story began in founder Joe Tanner's garage in the early 1990's. As a professional coach, Joe taught baseball during the day and developed a durable batting tee with a rolled rubber tee top at night.

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Tanner Tees: The Best Batting Tees for Baseball and Softball

Batting tees are an essential training tool for every hitter who wants to improve and every coach who wants to teach. Make no mistake - a durable, heavy duty batting tee is the best baseball equipment you can own.

Plastic made batting tees can’t hold up to the rigors of daily hitting drills. Investing in a high quality, durable Tanner batting tee saves time, saves money, and it provides feedback for the modern game.

Every Tanner Tee is assembled in Sarasota, FL and features a hand-rolled rubber FlexTop that presents the baseball (or softball) high on the tee.

This ensures your bat passes through contact without any interference from the tee. It also gives true feedback which makes it an important tool for the modern data driven hitter. Every Tanner hitting tee is easily adjustable and we offer three batting tee stem sizes to cover the entire strike zone and then some.

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