Foam Baseballs -Soft Foam Training Baseball Balls

Foam Baseballs -Soft Foam Training Baseball Balls

Introducing a foam baseball training ball to your hitting practice allows hitters to take a full swing and not worry about chasing balls spread all over the field. The soft training ball is perfect for home practice and small spaces where a traditional baseball might not be practical. Foam baseballs are also helpful for beginners to practice catching without the "sting" of a regular baseball.  


Foam baseballs can be used for front toss, flips, batting tee training, and teaching a young player how to catch.


(Recommended for use with the ROPEBAT training bat.)



  • 1-Dozen (12) Soft Foam Baseballs
  • 2-Dozen (24) Soft Foam Baseballs
  • 3-Dozen (36) Soft Foam Baseballs
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Foam Baseballs -Soft Foam Training Baseball Balls

$35.00 - $99.00

Foam Baseballs -Soft Foam Training Baseball Balls

$35.00 - $99.00

Tanner Foam Training Balls

Introducing the next evolution in training equipment for baseball and softball: Foam Baseballs! Tanner foam baseballs are the size of a regulation baseball but are made of soft, flexible foam.

Safety: Our foam baseballs are expertly manufactured using high-density, impact-absorbing foam that reduces the risk of injuries during batting and catching drills. Say goodbye to bruised hands and accidental impacts – these foam baseballs ensure a safer and worry-free experience.

Indoor and Outdoor Play: With their soft and lightweight composition, these foam baseballs are perfect for both indoor and outdoor use. Enjoy uninterrupted practice sessions in any setting, and rest easy knowing that accidental hits won't lead to broken windows or dented walls.

Versatile Training Tool: From beginners to seasoned athletes, these foam baseballs are a versatile training tool suitable for baseball and softball players of all skill levels. Coaches can use them for teaching proper techniques without the intimidation factor of hardballs, while players can practice their hand-eye coordination without fear of getting hurt.

Long-lasting Durability: Designed to withstand countless hits and throws, our foam baseballs are built to last. The durable foam material resists wear and tear, ensuring that you get extended use out of every ball.

Whether you're introducing youngsters to the game or fine-tuning your own skills, these foam baseballs offer a safer, more enjoyable training experience. Elevate your practice sessions, boost your confidence, and focus on mastering the fundamentals without the fear of injury. Get ready to enhance your baseball and softball journey with these reliable and innovative foam baseballs!

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