Tanner Tee Nets

We have curated a selection of Tanner brand portable softball and baseball hitting nets and pitching nets as well as commercial quality softball and baseball nets and screens from trusted partners.

A softball and baseball hitting net, L screen net, I screen net and a combo pitching net / throwing net, as well as a protective screen are all important softball and baseball training equipment for athletes, coaches and hitting facilities.

Whether you choose the convenience of a portable softball / baseball hit net or a commercial grade net for your facility or team, Tanner has you covered with premium softball and baseball training equipment that works as hard as you do.


Portable Batting Net for Baseball and Softball

A batting net for baseball and softball is a valuable training tool. Hitting nets provide a controlled environment for practicing your swings, allow you to focus on specific aspects of your hitting technique and are a convenient way to get your swings in virtually anywhere, anytime. Here's why using a net for baseball to your hitting equipment can be a game-changer:

Solo Training: Using a baseball or softball hitting net enables you to train on your own. You can work at your own pace, focusing on specific areas of your swing that need improvement. This self-directed practice allows you to tailor your softball and baseball training sessions to your individual needs.

Convenience: Setting up a baseball hit net is quick and easy, making it a convenient option for practicing at home, in your backyard, or even in indoor facilities. You can have productive training sessions whenever you want, without the need for a large practice field or a partner.

Timing and Pitch Recognition: With a batting net and tee, you can work on your timing and pitch recognition skills. By adjusting the speed of your swings, you can simulate different pitch velocities, improving your ability to react quickly and make solid contact in real game situations.

Versatility: While primarily used for batting practice, a softball or baseball hit net for can also be utilized for other training exercises. You can practice throwing accuracy, work on fielding drills, or even set up simulations of game situations. The versatility of a practice baseball net or softball net allows for comprehensive training sessions.

Portability: Tanner offers several batting nets that are portable, allowing you to take them anywhere. Whether you're going to the park, traveling for a game, or practicing with your team, you can easily transport the net and set it up for immediate use.

Muscle Memory: Repetition is key to building muscle memory, and a batting tee and hitting net for baseball and softball allows you to take countless swings without having to retrieve balls. This repetitive practice helps your body learn the proper mechanics and timing required for successful hitting.

So, grab a baseball hit net, step into the batter's box, and get ready to take your baseball or softball game to the next level.

Commercial Grade Softball or Baseball Hit Nets for Teams or Facilities

As a team or facility manager, choosing the right commercial-quality baseball or softball net for your team or hitting facility can impact safety, performance, and long-term cost-effectiveness. What should you consider?

Durability: Commercial-quality screens, pitching nets and hit nets need to withstand constant use and in many cases, hold up to the elements. Look for nets made from high-quality materials and UV resistance.

Size and Dimensions: Consider the size of your facility and your team's needs. Ensure that the softball or baseball practice net you choose fits your available space and can accommodate your team's training needs.

Portability: Depending on your facility, you may require a net that's easy to move on site, or one that's more permanent. Consider whether you need a net with wheels that can be easily moved.

Impact Resistance: Ensure the net can absorb the force of impact to protect both players and the net itself. Reinforced edges and additional padding can extend the net's lifespan.

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