Giving Back: 2017 Holiday Donation - Update/Final Thoughts

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The Giving Back: 2017 initiative started as an idea to show our appreciation in a meaningful way to our customers for your support and business. Many of you are long time users of our batting tees - even before there were websites, Google or Facebook. Your word of mouth endorsements helped Joe Tanner (my Grandfather) grow his garage-based batting tee business into a company that supports thirteen of us today. Although technologies have evolved, your endorsements continue to be the primary way we reach new hitters. We appreciate that and make it our mission to build a better batting tee every year.

In 2017, we brought on two new team members and were able to build and sell more Tanner Tees than in 2016. One great thing about our company is an ability to act on good ideas, regardless of whether they involve allocating funds, donating tees or something else business-related, we have flexibility to make decisions and get things moving forward quickly. In that same fashion, our Giving Back: 2017 initiative went from a thought of “how can we give back” to a confirmation that everyone was on board and then to Facebook Live all in two days. One week later, your stories were pouring in.

The Submissions

Clearly, from the onset the most difficult task would be to select only three recipients because simply put, each story shared was uniquely meaningful to us. Here are just a few:

One proud dad nominated his son, who had returned from two ACL tears back to back and could use some home hitting equipment to get back on track. I have great respect for anyone who rehabs from a torn ACL, but to do it twice within two years is formidable. Austin, we respect your fortitude and want you to stay healthy!

The I AM KING FOUNDATION mentors over 100 players in Kansas City - seeking to bring together players, dads and community leaders through baseball.  It's mission is to educate, inspire and empower young men to become future community leaders.

Another nominated a respected friend and mentor who dedicates hours of time and sweat equity to improving the local city fields, coaching and being a servant of the league. Al Johnson you are a true inspiration, sir!

The Process

AJ (my brother who does our books and manages tee production), Marilyn (my mom who you’ve probably ordered a tee from) and I read each entry and then devised a simple but mathematically sound rating system to determine our three “favorites” for each level. We then circled back and discussed each of those in detail and made our final selection.

The Results

Rather than naming the “winners” today in this blog, we decided to send a letter to everyone who participated to inform them of their status.

Thank you to all who took the time to participate. Great people were recognized for their amazing work, and we as individuals and as a company respect that. So in the spirit of the Giving Back Donation, everyone who joined in will be receiving something from the Tanner Tees family to say thanks! (Please keep an eye on your mailboxes in the coming week.)