Rope Bat Training Bat Swing Trainer

Rope Bat Training Bat Swing Trainer

The Rope Bat® softball and baseball swing trainer uses centrifugal force to help solve multiple mechanical problems and help batters connect, correct, and perfect their swing. The Rope Bat can be used by anyone from tee baller to professionals - one size fits all by using the bat length guide on the handle of the Rope Bat training bat. 


Each RopeBat also includes a downloadable hitting guide complete with photos and videos and a lightweight carry bag for the Rope Bat. Pair your Rope Bat with Tanner Lightweight Rubber Training Baseballs or Softballs or a Tanner Hitting Deck Instructional Training Mat. 


The Rope Bat should ONLY be used with LIGHTWEIGHT TRAINING BALLS and a batting tee with a soft, flexible ball rest. NEVER USE REAL baseballs or softballs or a STIFF ball rest with the Rope Bat as they will damage the Rope Bat.

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Rope Bat Training Bat Swing Trainer


Rope Bat Training Bat Swing Trainer

  • Tanner Hitting Deck

Rope Bat Training Bat for Baseball and Softball

The Rope Bat is trusted by coaches, youth athletes and professional hitters to help athletes perfect their swing. Using centrifugal force the Rope Bat creates bat speed and teaches hitters to use their entire body through the swing.

  • Eliminate common swing flaws (looping, hitching and casting)
  • Rope Bat gives immediate feedback for hitters to self correct
  • Develop muscle memory that transfers to actual bat swing
  • Lightweight and compact. Easily packs in the bat bag
  • Pair with Tanner Training Balls and Hitting Deck!

Best Practices to Use the Rope Bat

  • When using a batting tee with your Rope Bat, use only batting tees with a soft rubber cone such as the Tanner Original, Tanner Pro, Tanner Heavy, Tanner Infinitee and Tanner Traditional. Do not use a batting tee with a stiff cone as it will damage the Rope Bat
  • Always use the Rope Bat with soft lightweight training balls such as the Tanner Soft Rubber Airflow Training Softballs and Baseballs.
  • Do not use regular baseballs or softballs as they will damage the Rope Bat

Rope Bat Training Bat

Design and Features

  • Eliminate common swing flaws

    Eliminate common swing flaws

    Helps correct looping, hitching and casting.

  • immediate feedback

    immediate feedback

    Forces correct swing mechanics and gives hitters immediate feedback for correction.

  • adjustable grip indicator

    adjustable grip indicator

    Adjust your grip to line up to the sweet spot of any bat size.

  • great for all hitters

    great for all hitters

    Baseball and softball hitters, from beginners to professionals.

  • use solo or with coach

    use solo or with coach

    Hitters can train alone or as part of coaching sessions.

  • use indoors and outdoors

    use indoors and outdoors

    Use with a batting tee (soft rubber cone only), side toss, underhand or overhand from in front.

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The History of Tanner Tees

In the early 1990s Joe Tanner invented a hand rolled, flexible rubber tee top and an adjustable metal stem. He was coaching a professional organization by day and built tees in his garage at night. Over time, Joe's batting tee evolved into a small business which became Tanner Tees. Today, the company is still family owned and operated. Each pro style Tanner Tee (Original, Pro, Heavy & Infinitee) is assembled in the USA with domestic and imported parts, and every Flextop is hand rolled by our skilled team in Sarasota, FL.

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