Tanner Tees are the original & longest lasting batting tee in the training aid industry.

Our hand-rolled in Sarasota, Florida professional batting tees are hand-crafted and built to withstand the rigors of daily tee training. Tanner Tee technology combines a simple design concept with patented engineering which results in a batting tee that meets the high training standards we set for every skill level, organization, and individual in both baseball and softball.

For amateur leagues, our tees provide a trusted tool at an equally excellent value.

Our tees survive young hitters who are developing their fundamentals and may miss the ball and strike the tee during tee work. Tanner Tees are the only batting tee with a replaceable top section which we call the FlexTop™. Every FlexTop™ comes complete with our industry standard hand-rolled ball rest and a new compression cap. We cut no corners to ensure the hitting experience with Tanner Tee is professional grade every time. This is why we only build a hand-rolled FlexTop™ rather than a factory molded cone. The flexible ball rest is the best way for hitters to receive accurate feedback from tee work in addition to eliminate any potential for damage to their bats. It was designed by Joe Tanner 25 years ago, and today it has been adopted by numerous pro style batting tees.

As your hitters progress in age, size and skill, our tees follow with them.

We build a complete line of batting tees to cover the training needs of all hitters from little league to the big leagues. Our Tee Selection Tool shows how any of the Tanner Tee models can be deployed by multiple customer groups with unique training needs. As an example, while the short tees are ideal for Youth Baseball, they are also commonly used by high school, college and professional hitters to perform low tee work. This is one specific Tanner Tee used by two diverse groups. With multiple stem sizes and base options, our tees can be used throughout your playing career and we can achieve any training requirement with our product line.


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