CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat

CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat

Increase swing speed and power

The uniquely designed one hand weighted training bat from CamWood can be used for a variety of drills to develop strength and power in both arms while also reinforcing the inside bath path and good swing mechanics. While some training bats carry the additional weight in the barrell, the CamWood bat weight is close to the hands and perfectly balanced to reduce any casting effect and create a better hand path to the ball. Regular use of CamWood Training Bats has proven to increase swing speed for individuals at all level of play from youth sports to college and beyond, as well as baseball and softball. 

Available in Adult and Youth sizes. 

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CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat


CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat


Why Use a One Hand Weighted Training Bat?

  • Build Strength and Speed Without Sacrificing Mechanics.
  • Improve Hand-Eye Coordination.
  • Improve Bottom and Top Hand Path And Feel.
  • Improve Follow Through And Driving Through The Ball.
  • Stay Inside the Ball.
  • CamWood One Hand Trainer

    CamWood One Hand Trainer

    The CamWood One Hand Weighted Training Bat's unique design features a knob weight just above the hand, which creates a better hand path to the ball.
    Unlike traditional end-weight trainers and bat donuts, the knob design of the CamWood bat and its perfect balance help minimize casting effect and common mechanics issues, while building your strength and speed.


    • Develops proper swing mechanics and increases bat speed
    • Works power and hand speed
    • Creates a better hand path to the ball and prevents casting
    • Strengthens the top and bottom hand
    • Used by MLB players and all levels of play


      • Youth: 20" 23 oz (2.25" barrell diameter)
      • Adult: 25" 30 oz (2.5" barrell diameter)

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