Hitting Knob Bat Weight

Hitting Knob Bat Weight

Build Power, Strength and Swing Speed 

Use the Hitting Knob bat weight in every aspect of offensive training including the on deck circle, tee work, soft toss, cage work, slow pitch and fast pitch.


Available in a variety of weights, the unique design of the Hitting Knob weight for bats keeps the weight close to the hitter's hands to help maintain proper swing mechanics while developing strength and bat speed.


Conveniently attaches to your bat, which means you don't need an extra training bat weight in your bat bag. Just insert the knob of just about any bat into the Hitting Knob bat weight, push down until it clicks, and you're ready to train with an overloaded bat handle. Just "click-in" to train with an extra weight and "click-out" to return back to normal bat weight.  




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Hitting Knob Bat Weight

$59.99 - $79.99

Hitting Knob Bat Weight

$59.99 - $79.99

Train Smarter: Easily Add and Remove Bat Weight

  • Quickly increase bat speed and hitting power.
  • Reinforce proper swing mechanics.
  • Creates whip-like swing motion.
  • Trains the hitter to swing the knob of the bat and keep hands inside the ball.
  • The Hitting Knob weight for bats promotes proper form and develops strength with use.
  • Hitting Knob - Baseball & Softball Training Bat Weight

    Maximum Training Flexibility

    The Hitting Knob allows the hitter to achieve proper swing mechanics and maximize bat speed and power. This baseball swing trainer is a weighted device that easily attaches and detaches to the knob of the bat -- turning your game day bat into a training bat.
    The Hitting Knob easily attaches to most bats including aluminum, composite, hybrid or wood. Simply place The Hitting Knob on the ground and insert the knob end of the bat into the opening. Using your body weight, press down on the top of the barrel to lock the weight onto the knob. You will hear a “click” once engaged. To remove the weight, place the knob end of the bat on the ground and follow the same process used to attach the Hitting Knob. You'll hear a click once it unlocks. It's that easy!
    From softball to baseball, and all levels of play from youth (8 and up) to the major leagues.


    • Develops proper swing mechanics and increases bat speed
    • Works power and hand speed
    • Creates a better hand path to the ball and prevents casting
    • From softball to baseball, and all levels of play from youth (8 and up) to the major leagues.

    How It's Different

    Placing the weight on the knob end of the baseball bat or softball bat allows the bat to get to the proper swing path early and keeps the hitter’s hands inside the baseball/softball. This hitting aid increases your angular velocity (and angular momentum) as the barrel whips through the swing zone.
    Unlike other baseball swing trainers, the Hitting Knob decreases the inertia which increases your bat speed, priming your fast twitch muscle fibers which are essential to increase bat speed.

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