ProVelocity Training Bat

ProVelocity Training Bat

The ProVelocity Bat is a baseball/softball training bat that lets hitters work on two hitting fundamentals at the same time - swing path and bat speed.  


Hitters get instant swing feedback from audible clicks to know when their mechanics are right, and when they are not. Improve your swing and power by using the ProVelocity Bat for batting practice, dry swings or for batting tee work.


Choose between the Extreme 33" adult bat, Standard 32" bat for adults and the 30" bat for 12U players (youth).

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  • Tanner Brand Ball Caddy
MSRP: $445.00 - $545.00
$395.00 - $495.00
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ProVelocity Training Bat

MSRP: $445.00 - $545.00
$395.00 - $495.00

ProVelocity Training Bat

MSRP: $445.00 - $545.00
$395.00 - $495.00
  • Tanner Brand Ball Caddy

Get Instant Swing Feedback to Improve Mechanics and Bat Speed

  • Patented sliding Power Barrel contains adjustable resistance bands for swing speed settings ranging from 20 mph to 95 mph based on the bands used.
  • Hitters must achieve their pre-selected swing speed in order to make contact with the ball.
  • Two audible "clicks" give instant feedback when the hitter used enough power to drive the Power Barrel to the end of bat and back.
  • Add resistance bands as your strength and swing efficiency increases.
  • Train Smarter with the ProVelocity Bat

    Because this versatile softball and baseball training bat is adjustable, it’s the perfect training bat for every hitter to advance their skill and strength.    

  • Reinforces follow through and proper sequencing

  • Eliminates push patterns, rolling over and casting
  • See our guide How To Train with the ProVelocity Bat for drills and tips.


    Professional Batting Swing Trainer for Youth and Adults

    Your hitting practice will do double duty with this training bat that lets you work on two essential hitting fundamentals at once: swing path and bat speed.

    Read Our Awesome Article on How to Train with the Provelocity Bat.
    Swing Path
    To train for an efficient swing path, hitters can take dry swings with the ProVelocity Bat and listen for two 'clicks' that indicate a connected and short path to the baseball. Hands that cast out produce a looping barrel and lead to weak ground balls and fly outs. The audio feedback hitters get when they swing short and connected with PVB will help them turn successful training reps into better at-bats in games.
    Bat Speed
    Using a patented band system, hitters can add up to eight resistance bands to increase the bat speed required to get the barrel to 'release' to the end of the shaft. The ProVelocity Bat allows hitters and coaches to develop individual bat speed training protocols.

    By adding just one or two resistance bands, hitters can take an entire round of batting practice with lots of reps.

    With all eight bands engaged, hitters can take a dry swing training approach with fewer reps to make bigger strength gains.


    • Audio feedback system ensures short, quick bat path
    • Patented resistance band weight system proven to increase bat speed
    • Use for tee work, flips, dry swings, and even LIVE batting practice up to 50 mph
    • Game-like handle and strong metal hitting surface


    Extreme Size:
    • 33” Length, 46 oz weight, barrel diameter 2.75”
    • Resistance bands: (8) 15-lb. bands
    • 35-95 mph bat speed range (No limit to max live pitch speed)

    Standard Size:
    • 32” Length, 42 oz weight, barrel diameter 2.75”
    • Resistance bands: (6) 15-lb. bands and (2) 5-lb. bands
    • 20-80 mph bat speed range (Max live pitch speed 70 mph)

    Youth Size (Ages 7-12):
    • 30” Length, 26 oz weight, barrel diameter 2.5”
    • Resistance Bands: (8) 5-lb. bands
    • 20-55 mph bat speed range (Max live pitch speed up to 60 mph)
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